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The heart of Ireland's heritage

Redwood Castle
Welcome to Redwood castle, the ancient home of the De Coogans, Kennedys and Mac Egans. Originally constructed by Normans around 1210, the castle has played a part in Irish history for over 800 years. Between 1350 and Oliver Cromwell's invasion of Ireland in 1649, it was the ancient home of the Mac Aodhagáin clan, scholars and practitioners of the old Irish system of Brehon Law. During Cromwell's invasion, the castle's internal wooden structures were destroyed, leaving only its imposing stone walls. The castle then lay in ruins for over 300 years, until 1972, when it was restored by modern-day Egan kinsfolk, who have been looking after it ever since. Castle History ➞

Guided Tours

A Tour Guide's Armoured Helmet
Step back in time and explore the rich tapestry of history with a guided tour of Redwood Castle. Immerse yourself in tales of the De Coogans, O'Kennedys, and the Mac Aodhagáin clan as our knowledgeable guides lead you through centuries of Irish history. Experience the castle's architectural marvels and learn about the ancient Brehon Law practiced within these walls. Discover the dramatic changes the castle endured during Cromwell's invasion, and marvel at its restoration — a testament to Ireland's enduring spirit. Don't just learn about history, experience it at Redwood Castle. Join us and see history come alive!
Redwood Castle, Lorrha, Co. Tipperary
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